gareth playing firebird. prettiest lights ever. i posted this song a while back in march not knowing the title of the song at his album release. now we went to his album tour.

Electric Zoo Countdown Mix - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

not their zoo set but close enough

albany (and one troy) recommendations (in no particular order)

  • dinosaur bar-b-que - we have one in harlem but i went to my first dinosaur bar-b-que in troy, ny. the drinks and wings were cheap. they have a great selection of beer and surprisingly spicy wings for honey bbq and wango tango which was supposed to be mediocre. the plates felt a little grimy with sauce all over. they use colored plastic plates, similar to those we used at the childcare center i interned at.
  • speakeasy 518 (recommended by my manager) - the most shadiest entrance and website. make reservations before going or wing for the bar which is what jeanie and i did. they have the most knowledgeable mixologists i’ve met. i’m not a huge fan of brandy but the mixologist masked it well. the crowd dresses up as if it were the prohibition era. this might be my second favorite speakeasy (i forgot to ask why they call it a speakeasy if it’s a speakeasy) (angel’s share is still my favorite). huge props for the anti-phone and photo rule.
  • albany pump station (recommended by my manager) - sounded like a gas station within a factory. my manager forgot to mention that it’s a brewery! many drinks on tap, many awards to showcase, and many other beer that i want to try. the pork chop was amazing. it was the most tender pork chop i’ve ever had with the sweetest glaze.
  • city beer hall - right above speakeasy 518. it felt like an indoor beer garden with the wooden benches. i wish they showcased their bottles near what’s on tap. i could have my founder’s vanilla porter verses another porter recommended by the bartender. the 90’s music flowed from upstairs to outside with very little dance lights and very few dancing. everyone was too preoccupied with the mechanical bull. if you like the bars and clubs in portland, me, you will like city beer hall or vise versa.

my manager also recommended new world bistro bar, the point (which looks awesome), and the hot yoga spot for you yogis. overall, downtown albany knows how to party after 10. we went to a bar in lark which also had quite a few bars. thank you princess (jeanie) for inviting me and taking me around!